Trojan horses are in probolinggo

Trojan Horse Indonesia

LAMBEABANG -Don't get me wrong, you guys, the Trojan horse is not only abroad, but in Indonesia there is a Trojan horse. Exactly at the port of Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia This Trojan horse is built on the beach with a model that protrudes to the wide sea. With tickets around $ 1 per person, the Trojan horse in Probolinggo was built around 5-6 years ago, and visitors are very enthusiastic to see it ..

visitors to the Trojan horse at Probolinggo are treated to a wide sea view and added moderate wind. 

Troya horse at Probolinggo is open to the public starting at 8 am local part and closing at 6 pm

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The charm of the mosque above the sea

The mosque is breathtaking

LAMBEABANG - The mosque in the middle of the sea is located in the area sheet lombok west Indonesia. and so far attracted the attention of foreign tourists.

This one may be before Indonesia Merdeka Mosque in the middle of the sea has been built, it has stood firm there from the past.

built by the people of Lombok with mutual cooperation and assisted by traditional elders or kyai there

This floating mosque has become a special attraction in Lombok for foreign tourists who come there. This mosque is still used for worship. In the afternoon there are many people who worship there

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Gilikedis Island Video

Beautiful Beach Video Gilikedis

LAMBEABANG - this is an island tourist destination in the region lombok west Indonesia, seen some tourists are enjoying the underwater scenery.

well if from the island of bali to get to this island tourists can rent a double-engine wooden boat, from Bali, about 3 hours trip arrived at the destination.

the beauty of this island with clear sea water and white sand that decorate it is already well known in foreign countries, this island is very privacy.



Gilikedis Island Lombok west of Indonesia

LAMBEABANG - white sandy island with an area of ​​only a quarter of this football field became a favorite of foreign tourists, Indonesia is beautiful,no wonder many tourists feel at home in Indonesia.

in the eyes of the world, the island of Bali and the island of Lombok are more famous than Indonesia. Both of these islands are famous for the beauty of the coast. Lombok Island is famous for its prehistoric Komodo dragons

Indonesia is famous for its friendly population, famous for its spice producers, famous for its agricultural countries and many islands, famous for its various regional specialties, famous for its many tribes. Known for its natural beauty, the world's largest fish producer and famous as the world's lung.

Camera; mohamad shokeh.

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photographed in cargo beautiful

LAMBEABANG -this place is located in Denpasar Bali city, the atmosphere will be crowded if in the afternoon, many young people are here.
this place is called cargo road, citraland. here is a family recreation area, there is a swimming pool for children,

actually this location is located on a fast track towards Kuta, but if in the afternoon this place is very original beautiful and tasty for photo photos.

the location is very easy to find, parking is directly in place, access to public transportation is very easy. moreover now there are a lot of online transportation,

walk the afternoon road while photos and photos can be sold online. This is the name of a photographer. work while on the road

Nature tourism Gogoniti

LAMBE ABANG-Gogoniti pine forest tourism suitable for all ages, because it is easily accessible
by four wheel drive, this place is in the area of ​​the village kemirigede kesamben blitar jawa timur indonesia,
with a very cool air and nature that is still original, make it feel at home there.

Gogoniti tourism is located in the city of Blitar, East Java. Very cheap natural tourism is perfect for families
relieve stress and enjoy the green scenery, pine forests surrounded by rice fields are still original and beautiful
This pine natural tourism presents pure air, the original air has not been polluted by motor vehicle fumes

with a green landscape full of bird sounds, our eyes and ears can be treated from air and sound pollution

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LAMBEABANG - Gate Style Bali As this is commonly found in the entire island
of Bali and it makes its own tourist destination.
This ancient royal style gate is commonly found on the island of Bali.
Every house in Bali must have a gate like this.

Bali is famous for its unspoiled tourism, Bali is famous as the island of a thousand temples.
So it's no wonder that in Bali there are still many buildings that resemble a temple.
there are still many original houses in the building model, all of them are maintained authenticity,
Balinese culture is still thick and religious, upholds the traditional values ​​of Balinese people.

see the gate of the original Balinese house, including tours.
You can take a selfie in front of the gate for free

If you are on vacation in Bali, don't forget to visit the tourist village in Sanur Bali

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fotografer @alansuryono

LAMBE ABANG - Kuta Bali beach which is never deserted by foreign tourists or local tourists,
the atmosphere when the sun is hot, many tourists sunbathe.
Kuta beach is already familiar to local tourists and international tourists all over the world.
famous for its beauty, famous for its white sand and famous for its manners

for night world affairs, around Kuta beach is no doubt, around the beach scattered
restaurant bars from 1 to 7 star hotels are here
Since 2002, Bali has been better known to the world. Because that year there have been
suicide bombings in nightclubs around the beach. And now the place has been built a monument.

in the beach Kuta many people sunbathe if the heat of the sun is hot,
and in the afternoon many people see the sunset if the night has arrived,
many people with their partners are having fun

Kuta beach is only two kilometers from Ngurah Rai International Airport. It can be reached on foot
and along the way you will be treated to views of genuine accessories made in Indonesia,
at an inexpensive price.

Remember Indonesia must remember Bali and remember Kuta Beach.
Bali vacation is incomplete if you don't visit Kuta Beach

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One of the Tourist Destinations in Bali

fotografer @alansuryono

LAMBE ABANG- this very beautiful tourist place is located in klungkung bali region,
the eyes of tourists will be pampered with a very beautiful scenery.

The distance of this tourist attraction from Ngurah Rai Airport is around two hours of normal travel, and that can be done by renting a car or by online transportation. if you need a quick trip, you can use an ojek online, motorcycle taxis will cut travel time. because it can avoid traffic on the road you need to know, that for public transportation from Ngurah Rai Bali airport to the Klungkung area it is very difficult. Therefore it is recommended to use an online motorcycle taxi or travel online service.

Turtle educational instructions

LAMBE ABANG - This beach is named Cemara Beach. It is located in the east of Banyuwangi city, Java, Indonesia.
Cemara beach is adjacent to the boom beach with rarely about five kilometers.
if you visit the cypress beach, you will see directions as drawn,
a signboard that shows the direction of our tour on the cypress beach. if you turn left,
you will meet the core tour, if you turn right, you will find a turtle education tour.

Green turtle breeding place, so you can learn for turtle cattle here. You will see turtle children,
turtle mothers and turtle eggs here. With a $ 0.2 US entrance ticket

This evergreen beach is filled with evergreen trees along the coast, with moderate winds,
very suitable for relaxing with the people closest to you. Black sand and pine trees adorn
the view along the beach

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fotografer @moh.sokeh

LAMBE ABANG - this is a double-engined wooden ship, serving the route lombok bali, ready to take tourists who will to the island of Komodo and surrounding areas.

This ship, it looks simple, this ship is of wood, but for the intererior it's very luxurious This boat is rented for foreign and local tourists who want to travel to the island of Lombok and its surroundings. Because the rental price is relatively cheap, the wooden ship is never deserted from the job. when it's off, the ship rests on the beach attack Bali's south Bali

the condition of the ship is guaranteed to be safe and well-maintained, because the treatment is carried out on a regular and regular basis