The historical site of majapahit kingdom in indonesia

LAMBE ABANG - This is a photo of one of the historical sites relics majapahit kingdom located in
the city of blitar jawa east indonesia, this site is " temple penataran ".

The temple complex of Penataran occupies an area of ​​12,946 square meters of land stretching
from northwest to east and southeast.
The entire courtyard of the enslavement complex except
the southeastern part is divided into three parts, which are separated by two walls. To make it
easier to understand the compass of Penataran Temple,
the parts of the Penataran Temple are called
front page, middle page, and backyard. The composition of the temple complex
Penataran very unique and not arranged symmetrically..

Candi Penataran is located in Penataran Village, Nglegok , Blitar Regency, East Java,
right on 450 m asl
on the foot of Mt Kelud that the area has mild temperature. Candi Penataran is the biggest and best
nurtured temple complex in East Java, Indonesia. Situated at the north of Blitar City, according to
Verbeek note, this complex consists of few clusters. This temple is just 12 km from the city with a good road to the site.

click here about the temple of penataran majapahit kingdom 

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