Leaves of Red Shoots Tree

LAMBEABANG - This tree includes ornamental trees and shade trees from the sun's heat.
This tree is suitable for planting in hot areas, such as urban areas that are
always noisy and noisy.This tree is called the red shoot tree, the shade tree,
which is leafy and fertile in a hot place

This shade tree is very easy to plant and easy to maintain, easy to live anywhere, with leaves such as
this banyan tree when it is very interesting and unsightly in the morning, this fibrous tree is easily
collapsed when exposed to strong winds.

This shade tree is often found on the side of the streets of big cities such as the city of Denpasar
which is already very hot, the population of Denpasar has many shade trees like this and is planted in
the yard of his house.

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The Great Mosque of Banyuwangi City

LAMBEABANG - This grand mosque stands right in the middle of Banyuwangi city, Indonesia, the mosque is adjacent to the city park of Sritanjung.
Indonesia is famous for its people who are Muslims, so it's not strange anymore that traveling in Indonesia always meets with mosques that are of various uniqueness. Even though the Indonesian population consists of various religions and the majority are Islamic, but for respect for fellow people is highly valued. There is no one who disparages other religions Mosques in Indonesia are very colorful and many models, many of them are magnificent even large. in Indonesia because of the many mosques, you could say that every 400 meters meet with mosques and mosques in Indonesia, it is not always owned or built by groups, communities, but many mosques are privately owned but are permitted to the public.

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Meatball Mixed With Clear Gravy

LAMBEABANG - This meatball without gravy consists of tofu meatballs and noodles and red chili chips, plus onion slices and fried onions.one portion of chicken meatballs has made our stomach full with cheap prices.

from the appearance it looks attractive, the clear broth is not greasy. the taste is fresh with the aroma of onions and chicken broth

one portion of chicken meatballs is only priced at $1, all of which only exist in Denpasar Bali Indonesia,eating full doesn't drain the contents of the bag and is guaranteed to taste good

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Blitar City Central Mosque

mosque blitar city 

LAMBEABANG - the mosque in the west of the alun square of blitar city, stands majestically and firmly,location close to the tomb of the first president of the republic of indonesia, Ir Sukarno (bung karno).

for in the city of Blitar, East Java, the Great Mosque stands majestically right on the west side of Blitar City Square, adjacent to detention houses, whip parks and shopping centers. This great mosque in the city of Blitar is different from the one in Banyuwangi. If in Blitar the city is white and does not have adequate parking, if the Grand Mosque in Banyuwangi is green and has a large parking area

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