Food is Good For Diet

@lambe abang menu 1

LAMBE ABANG - Menu 1 this is one good menu for diet.
Usually this menu is consumed by those who like fitness activities.

the menu is very healthy and the price is cheap, the menu is very low in oil,
minimal in calories, high in protein,when someone who likes to exercise fitness,
definitely wants a good and shaped body.

for that it is certain that people who want a good body, shaped and muscular,
will consume a menu menu that is low in sugar, calories and fat. For that menu
is very suitable to be included in the diet menu list for fitness.

ingredients are easy to obtain, low prices, do not drain the contents of the wallet,
and are easy to make. So do not linger for a long time to delay healthy living.
immediately look for ingredients and practice. as below;

composition; chicken, beans, eggs, onion, red chili, pepper, all fried with
a little olive oil, please try and feel the difference after consuming for a week.

@lambe abang menu 2

LAMBE ABANG This menu is simple, high in protein and good for breakfast.
ingredients are easy to get like this; chicken, egg white, onion, potato, pepper, olive oil, salt.

besides that to cook it is also very easy, just fry it,Teplon with a little olive oil

  1. the chicken is pureed then on the head and then fried on low heat and the edge on the edge of teplon
  2. put the garlic into pieces, stir, stir, wait until it turns yellow and fragrant
  3. enter the egg whites that have been boiled first cut into cubes
  4. Enter the potatoes that have been cut into small pieces lengthwise
  5. sprinkle with ground pepper and a little salt
  6. stir or back and forth until the seasoning is evenly distributed and all have a yellow aroma
  7. menus are ready to be served, it is recommended to eat while warm
hopefully useful for those who are on a diet and exercise

@lambe abang menu 3

LAMBE ABANG - this menu is a simpler diet menu, only chicken mushrooms and petai,
where everything is just baked on teplon, it is dead, because of all the ingredients
are ingredients that are easily cooked.

menu that is suitable for snacks in the afternoon, the protein level is very high
please collect the ingredients and immediately make a menu like this.

composition; chicken, onion, pepper, olive oil, mushrooms, petai


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