LAMBE ABANG - Black sand beach in the city of Banyuwangi on the east end of this Indonesian island of Java,
has a different view from other beach .
its dark black sand and relaxing sea waves, are very calm and suitable for afternoon meditation.

boom beach  is still beautiful with a view  directly to the Bali island,
it looks very close and is clearly visible on the island of Bali across.
in the afternoon, the atmosphere is very calm and peaceful to relax. while watching several
fishing boats pass in front of the eyes.

in the boom beach we can feel the peace of mind, relax away from the noise  city
for a while. so perfect to relaxing here with family or boyfriend.
Access to boom beach is very easy, because it is close to Banyuwangi city. Around 3km from Banyuwangi city.
The entrance ticket to the beach is only $ 0.5, price for food and beverages are very cheap too.

Except it, Boom Beach is to close with Bali's port, if you want to continue your trip to Bali using a speed boat, you can buy ticket directly from here, because Boom Beach has direct access to Bali with
speed boat ride 2 hours only to Jimbaran Kuta Bali.
the ticket price is $18.62. If you continue the land trip, it takes 5 hours to get to Jimbaran Kuta Bali.

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